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Our Team


 All of our physicians are board certified by the American Board of Radiology and live and work in our community. Many have additional certification in subspecialties such as neuroradiology, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine. In addition to staffing our outpatient imaging centers, our physicians are also trusted to provide all of the professional radiology services at Enloe Medical Center.

Maintaining a large team of expert radiologists with a variety of specialty skills ensures that regardless of where a patient may be in our community, they receive excellent diagnostic services, courteous staff, and prompt communication with other medical providers. Click here for a complete list of our physicians and their qualifications.

North State Radiology Business Office


Our business office oversees the daily operations of Chico Breast Care CenterNorth State Imagining, North State Interventional Radiology, and North Valley Advanced Imaging. Our “behind the scenes” staff works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all of our facilities and for all our patients. From scheduling your exams, billing and accounting, trouble-shooting technology,  to regulations and compliance, we have a team of professionals who handle day to day operations including provider relations communication to our colleague’s offices. If you ever have a problem or a question, we are here for you. Just call 898-0504.

North State Imaging

All services are now performed next door at the Chico Breast Care Center.


North State Interventional Radiology


Our interventional department is located in the North State Imaging building, and is comprised of specially trained professionals and interventional radiologists.  Interventional radiologists are experts in cutting-edge, minimally invasive interventional procedures that use image guidance techniques to “see” inside the body and treat various diseases and conditions. They will answer any questions regarding your procedure, and our seasoned staff will make you as comfortable as possible during your visit.

North Valley Advanced Imaging

The team at North Valley Advanced Imaging is made up of technologists who are certified to perform MRI, MRA, CT, and PET studies, in addition to office staff that are there to answer questions and ensure you are properly prepared for your procedure.  Our on-site radiologists are there for you if you need to speak to them and will interpret your exam and communicate urgent findings to your healthcare provider right away.