Diagnostic Imaging

Many of our diagnostic imaging services are performed at North State Imaging or Chico Breast Care Center.  Located on the north corner of Esplanade and 7th Ave., our outpatient imaging centers offer a broad range of services in an easy to find location with convenient parking and access.

3D Digital Mammography

Our digital mammography system from Hologic offers the latest technological advancement in the screening and early detection of breast cancer. There are several advantages of digital over traditional screen film mammography and we are pleased to offer this exam as part of our comprehensive breast imaging services . For additional information on this relatively new technology, please click here.


Computer-Aided Detection (CAD)

Think of our CAD system as a spell-check for radiologists. CAD highlights suspicious areas on a mammogram for additional attention by the physician. We are pleased to offer this supplement to mammography as an option for our patients.

Ultrasound (Sonography)

Having an “Ultrasound” or “Sonogram” test is best known for giving expectant parents that first glimpse of their unborn child, and we’re great at it! But Ultrasound can be used for much more, including detecting vascular disease, and evaluating abdominal and pelvic pain. 


Bone Density Studies

We offer the most accurate evaluation of bone density possible, and it’s painless too! Knowing your risk for osteoporosis is the first step in preventing or controlling it.

X-rays, Fluoroscopy and Tomography

X-rays, although the oldest imaging technology, are still an integral part of good healthcare–from diagnosing pneumonia and evaluating abdominal pain to confirming whether a bone is broken or not. By using computed radiography (CR), it allows the images to be enhanced by the radiologist for better viewing. Since fluoroscopy allows your physician to see continuous, real time motion, it is often used for visualizing internal motion such as intestinal functions, swallowing, and more. Tomography images give physicians a detailed view of a pinpoint location deep within the body, while blurring out distracting data from the surrounding area.